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helen | 22 | AVL

August 1st     5:58 pm

August 1st     9:31 am

This cafe is comic book themed and has a bunch of tintin stuff and a statue and everything

July 31st     5:19 pm

I just really love stained glass. #paris #notredame

July 31st     5:11 pm

Okay but for real. #paris #letoureiffel #dyinghappy

July 31st     5:04 pm

I’m back from Paris and I’m sunburned and I walked halfway across the city but we didn’t get pickpocketed and I am very pleased with everything

July 31st     5:12 am

*broken sobbing*

July 31st     12:57 am

Hello everyone it is 7a in Belgium right now and I am about to go to FUCKING PARIS OH MY GOD

July 30th     12:44 pm

This might win for “weirdest English phrase that someone grabbed assuming that it had something to do with hair care” 

Most people here speak pretty decent English, or at least enough to get by, but this was just bizarre

July 30th     2:22 am




remember when bee movie promoted bestiality 


i need a moment

July 29th     7:26 pm

July 29th     3:47 pm

I saw some insane churches today it was incredible I’m pregaming for Notre dame de Paris to be honest

July 29th     5:05 am


July 28th     4:00 pm

Spekuloos ice cream oh my god thank

July 28th     2:32 pm

#ghent turned out to be a pain in the ass. #belgium

July 28th     6:37 am

Current situation. #me